Clement Ivanov
Nick Name: Puppey
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years old
Birth Day: March 6, 1990
Birth Place: Tartu
Nationality: Estonia
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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    Clement Ivanov Net Worth

    Clement Ivanov, better known as Puppey, is a famous 30 years old Dota 2 Esports Player. He was born on March 6, 1990 in Tartu, Estonia. Clement Ivanov Net Worth 2020: $2,858,718. Clement Ivanov plays for the team Team Secret with Lasse Aukusti Urpalainen (MATUMBAMAN), Michał Jankowski (Nisha).
    Zodiac sign: Pisces. Nationality: Estonia.


    Height Weight Hair Colour Eye Colour Blood Type Tattoo(s)
    N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


    • Puppey debuted with the team XsK.
    • Signature Hero: Chen, Enchantress, Bane.
    • Puppey has actively competed in every International - a record only matched by KuroKy.
    • Puppey is the first player to win two Valve events, with his victories at The International 2011 with Natus Vincere and at The Shanghai Major with Team Secret.
    • On October 9th 2016, EternalEnvy released a blog post accusing Puppey and Kemal of mishandling tournament winnings, as well as taking a 10% pay cut without the knowledge of the other players. The post later went on to claim that Puppey had also physically threatened team members, most notably w33, and a video was released showing Puppey destroying a monitor.
    • Puppey joins Miracle- and s4 as the third player to ever win two Valve majors and one International.
    • Has played in an impressive 5 Major and 3 International finals, a record unmatched by any player.

    Net Worth

    Clement Ivanov (@Puppey) Net Worth 2020


    Salary 2020

    Not known.

    Clement Ivanov Cars

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    Clement Ivanov Real Estate

    Not Known.



    2007 — 2008
    2008 — 2009
    2009-??-?? — 2010-02-08
    2010-02-08 — 2010-04-21
    2010-06-08 — 2010-??-??
    2010-??-?? — 2011-01-23
    2011-01-23 — 2011-0?-??
    Dota 2:
    2011-06-17 — 2014-08-20
    Natus Vincere
    2014-08-27 — Present
    Team Secret


    Date Place Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
    2020-01-26 1st Tier 1 DreamLeague Season 13 Team Secret 3 : 2 Evil Geniuses $300,000
    2019-08-24 4th Tier 1 The International 2019 Team Secret 0 : 2 Team Liquid $2,059,804
    2019-05-12 1st Tier 1 MDL Disneyland® Paris Major Team Secret 3 : 1 Team Liquid $350,000
    2019-01-27 1st Tier 1 The Chongqing Major Team Secret 3 : 1 $350,000
    2018-08-24 5 - 6th Tier 1 The International 2018 Team Secret 0 : 2 Team Liquid $1,148,948
    2017-12-03 1st Tier 1 DreamLeague Season 8 Team Secret 3 : 0 Team Liquid $500,000
    2016-03-06 1st Tier 1 The Shanghai Major 2016 Team Secret 3 : 1 Team Liquid $1,110,000
    2015-11-21 2nd Tier 1 The Frankfurt Major 2015 Team Secret 1 : 3 OG $405,000
    2013-08-11 2nd Tier 1 The International 2013 Natus Vincere 2 : 3 Alliance $632,364
    2011-08-21 1st Tier 1 The International 2011 Natus Vincere 3 : 1 EHOME $1,000,000

    Clement Ivanov plays for the team Team Secret

    Team Team Secret Dota 2 Esports Player
    # Name Age Nationality Birthday Height
    #1 Clement Ivanov Clement Ivanov (@Puppey) 30 Estonia March 6, 1990 N/A
    #2 Lasse Aukusti Urpalainen Lasse Aukusti Urpalainen (@MATUMBAMAN) 25 Finland March 3, 1995 N/A
    #3 Michał Jankowski Michał Jankowski (@Nisha) 20 Poland September 28, 2000 N/A

    Biography Timeline


    Puppey started his first steps into the DotA 2 competitive scene with Natus Vincere among players such as Dendi and Artstyle, as they competed in The International 2011. They went undefeated throughout the whole tournament, winning the then-big $1,000,000 USD grand prize. They also won the Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 and took home $12,000 USD. In both of these tournaments, he demonstrated fantastic prediction with the hero Chen's ability to send his teammates back to base. Puppey became Natus Vincere's Captain after ArtStyle's departure from the team in October 2011.


    After winning the Dota 2 Champions League Season 2 in 2014, things began to go south for Puppey, getting a 7-8th place at The International 2014, Puppey suddenly left Natus Vincere with Kuroky. The community started saying rumors about why he would leave a team he stayed with for four years.


    Puppey and Team Secret won Shanghai Major 2016 in March 2015 after beating Team Liquid in the finals.


    On 16 February 2016, former team manager Evany Chang accused Team Secret of not paying prize winnings to her and former players. On 9 October 2016, former player EternaLEnVy wrote a blog post detailing several instances of the organisation, in particular team director Kemal and Puppey, failing to pay players on time, lying about payments and sponsorships, and taking a 10% cut out of prize winnings without informing the players. Later that day, another former player, MiSeRy, released a blog raising similar issues, and claiming Secret did not pay him until he asked several times. He also backed EternaLEnVy's claim that Puppey was the only player aware of the organization taking a 10% cut.

    🎂 Upcoming Birthday

    Currently, Clement Ivanov is 30 years old. Clement Ivanov will celebrate 31st birthday on Saturday, March 6, 2021. Below we countdown to Clement Ivanov upcoming birthday.


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