Johan Sundstein
Nick Name: N0tail
Youtube Channel: N0tail
Alternate IDs: BDN, BigDaddyN0tail, BigDaddy
Team: OG
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years old
Birth Day: October 8, 1993
Nationality: Denmark
Zodiac Sign: Libra

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    Johan Sundstein Net Worth

    Johan Sundstein, better known as N0tail, is a famous 27 years old Dota 2 Esports Player. He was born on October 8, 1993 in Denmark. Johan Sundstein Net Worth 2020: $6,931,549. Johan Sundstein plays for the team OG with Anathan Pham (ana), Janne Stefanovski (Gorgc), Martin Sazdov (Saksa), Sébastien Debs (Ceb).
    Zodiac sign: Libra. Nationality: Denmark.


    Height Weight Hair Colour Eye Colour Blood Type Tattoo(s)
    N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


    • N0tail debuted with the team Fnatic.EU in 2012.
    • Signature Hero: Chen, Grimstroke, Abaddon.
    • He is the player with the highest tournament earnings in Dota 2 and esports.
    • On August 25th, 2019, he became the first two time TI-Winner, after winning two consecutive TIs, TI8 and TI9. He achieved this together with his teammates Ceb, ana, Topson, and JerAx on team OG.
    • He is the most decorated professional Dota 2 player, having won 4 Majors and 2 Internationals.
    • He is the first and only Danish player to win The International.
    • Had the highest average deaths per game (9.55) at the The International 2018.
    • He holds the record for the most deaths (20) in a single game at The International. He achieved this feat while playing for OG as Pugna against during Game 2 of their Group Stage series at The International 2017.
    • He is very keen on dogs and other animals.
    • Was previously known as N0tail before he changed his name to BigDaddy on June 21st, 2014. However, after creating OG in 2015 he dropped the BigDaddy name and returned to using N0tail as his nickname.

    Net Worth

    Johan Sundstein (@N0tail) Net Worth 2020


    Youtube Earnings

    Monthly Earnings: $91 - $1.5K
    Yearly Earnings: $1.1K - $17.4K

    Sources of Income

    • $6,931,549 earnings from tournaments.
    • Advertising contracts, sponsors, and donation.
    • $975 - $23,406 earnings from Youtube channel N0tail. With total of 363.5k views in Youtube last 30days, Johan Sundstein earnings approx $91 - $1.5K per month.
    • and many more...

    Johan Sundstein Cars

    Not Known.

    Johan Sundstein Real Estate

    Not Known.

    Most Viewed Videos

    Top 10 of Johan Sundstein's most watched videos:



    2012-03-30 — 2014-08-27
    2014-08-27 — 2015-01-01
    Team Secret
    2015-01-05 — 2015-08-14
    2015-08-28 — 2015-10-31
    (monkey) Business
    2015-10-31 — Present
    2019-11-27 — 2020-??-??
    OG Seed  (Coach)


    Date Place Tier Tournament Team Result Prize
    2019-08-25 1st Tier 1 The International 2019 OG 3 : 1 Team Liquid $15,620,181
    2018-08-25 1st Tier 1 The International 2018 OG 3 : 2 PSG.LGD $11,234,158
    2017-12-10 1st Tier 2 MDL Macau OG 2 : 0 TNC Pro Team $130,000
    2017-08-10 7 - 8th Tier 1 The International 2017 OG 0 : 2 LGD Gaming $617,198
    2017-04-30 1st Tier 1 The Kiev Major 2017 OG 3 : 2 $1,000,000
    2016-12-10 1st Tier 1 The Boston Major 2016 OG 3 : 1 Ad Finem $1,000,000
    2016-06-19 1st Tier 1 ESL One Frankfurt 2016 OG 3 : 0 Natus Vincere $157,273
    2016-06-12 1st Tier 1 The Manila Major 2016 OG 3 : 1 Team Liquid $1,110,000
    2015-11-21 1st Tier 1 The Frankfurt Major 2015 OG 3 : 1 Team Secret $1,110,000
    2014-12-21 1st Tier 1 XMG Captains Draft 2.0 Team Secret 3 : 2 $96,860

    Johan Sundstein plays for the team OG

    Team OG Dota 2 Esports Player
    # Name Age Nationality Birthday Height
    #1 Johan Sundstein Johan Sundstein (@N0tail) 27 Denmark October 8, 1993 N/A
    #2 Anathan Pham Anathan Pham (@ana) 21 Australia October 26, 1999 N/A
    #3 Janne Stefanovski Janne Stefanovski (@Gorgc) 27 Sweden October 28, 1993 N/A
    #4 Martin Sazdov Martin Sazdov (@Saksa) 25 North Macedonia June 12, 1995 N/A
    #5 Sébastien Debs Sébastien Debs (@Ceb) 28 France Lebanon May 11, 1992 N/A
    #6 Topias Miikka Taavitsainen Topias Miikka Taavitsainen (@Topson) 22 Finland April 14, 1998 N/A
    #7 Yeik Nai Zheng Yeik Nai Zheng (@MidOne) 24 Malaysia June 3, 1996 N/A

    Biography Timeline


    Due to decreasing activity in the professional Heroes of Newerth scene, N0tail decided to transfer to Fnatic's European Dota 2 team together with Jascha Markuse, Tal Aizik and Adrian Kryeziu on March 30, 2012. After a hard start to DotA, N0tail and his team Fnatic.EU won Thor Open LAN on December 9, 2012, beating No Tidehunter, now known as Alliance. Since Fnatic.EU won the LAN, they mostly dominated the pro scene until The International 2013, in which they placed 7-8th after losing to team Orange, which turned out to currently be the Fnatic squad. One year later after not winning any premier tournaments and placing 13-14th in The International 2014, N0tail announced that he is leaving Fnatic together with Fly to create Team Secret, inviting Puppey, s4, and Kuroky to join. After a number of good finishes in five tournaments, Puppey decided to kick N0tail for Arteezy in preparation of the Dota 2 Asia Championships. N0tail decided to join Cloud9, replacing Aui 2000. Following multiple disappointing finishes and 9-12th place in The International 2015, Cloud9 released its squad. On August 28, 2015, it was announced that N0tail together with his teammate Fly which was also kicked from Team Secret have created (monkey) Business, a team featuring Miracle-, MoonMeander, Cr1t-, Fly, and N0tail. Following promising performances, (monkey) Business proceeded to become OG.

    🎂 Upcoming Birthday

    Currently, Johan Sundstein is 27 years old. Johan Sundstein will celebrate 28th birthday on Friday, October 8, 2021. Below we countdown to Johan Sundstein upcoming birthday.


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