Shane Lynch
Nick Name: ShaneGoocher
Nationality: United States

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    Shane Lynch, better known as ShaneGoocher, is a famous Heroes of the Storm Esports Player. Shane Lynch was born in United States. . Shane Lynch plays for the team ZZZZZ with Aaron Kappes (erho), Aaron Prentice (iVSlime), Aïssa Melih (Leviis), Albert Haley III (Halorin).
    Nationality: United States.


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    Shane Lynch (@ShaneGoocher) Net Worth 2020


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    Shane Lynch plays for the team ZZZZZ

    Team ZZZZZ Heroes of the Storm Esports Player
    # Name Age Nationality Birthday Height
    #1 Shane Lynch Shane Lynch (@ShaneGoocher) N/A United States N/A
    #2 Aaron Kappes Aaron Kappes (@erho) 31 United States September 2, 1989 N/A
    #3 Aaron Prentice Aaron Prentice (@iVSlime) 26 United States November 12, 1994 N/A
    #4 Aïssa Melih Aïssa Melih (@Leviis) N/A France N/A
    #5 Albert Haley III Albert Haley III (@Halorin) N/A United States N/A
    #6 Albin Olsson Albin Olsson (@Henn1ng) 21 Sweden May 13, 1999 N/A
    #7 Alena Shushpannikova Alena Shushpannikova (@Gela) 25 Russia February 1, 1995 N/A
    #8 Alex Olivera Alex Olivera (@Unusual) N/A Peru N/A
    #9 Alexander Melder Alexander Melder (@stalk) 27 Russia March 12, 1993 N/A
    #10 Alexander Remmerswaal Alexander Remmerswaal (@Remmerballer) N/A Netherlands N/A
    #11 Alexey Shtylenkov Alexey Shtylenkov (@Shtyr) 30 Russia July 4, 1990 N/A
    #12 An Qiusong An Qiusong (@Guij) N/A China N/A
    #13 Anastasija Tolmačeva Anastasija Tolmačeva (@Heccu) 28 Latvia November 22, 1992 N/A
    #14 Andre Allchin Andre Allchin (@Skimmy) N/A New Zealand N/A
    #15 Andrew Moffatt Andrew Moffatt (@Penta) N/A Australia N/A
    #16 Andrew Nan Andrew Nan (@Grim) N/A Canada N/A
    #17 Andrey Pishchikov Andrey Pishchikov (@AndyLendi) 28 Russia May 13, 1992 N/A
    #18 Anna Prosser Robinson Anna Prosser Robinson (@Anna Prosser) 35 United States February 15, 1985 N/A
    #19 Anthony Lossec Anthony Lossec (@Danatan) N/A France N/A
    #20 Anton Lotyrev Anton Lotyrev (@SirIceCream) 25 Russia July 18, 1995 N/A
    #21 Ao Ke Liu Ao Ke Liu (@Lhy) N/A China N/A
    #22 Arian Lauren Arian Lauren (@Cronaz) N/A Switzerland N/A
    #23 Ariel Gonzalez Ariel Gonzalez (@Heaven) N/A Chile N/A
    #24 Artem Cooper Artem Cooper (@Qp3r) N/A Russia N/A
    #25 Audren Thebault Audren Thebault (@Tictac) N/A France N/A
    #26 Aurelio Zuñiga (@Aulox) N/A Chile N/A
    #27 Austin Pizarro Austin Pizarro (@Mysticleez) N/A United States N/A
    #28 Barak Hoobesh Barak Hoobesh (@Munky) N/A Israel N/A
    #29 Benxiaye Huo Benxiaye Huo (@Genshuo) N/A China N/A
    #30 Brian Bartell Brian Bartell (@LegacY) N/A United States N/A
    #31 Brittany Brittany (@Kiyeberries) 31 United States November 20, 1989 N/A
    #32 Byron Kirk Byron Kirk (@Galaxy) N/A England N/A
    #33 Calvin van Baalen Calvin van Baalen (@Chelvin) 20 Netherlands April 22, 2000 N/A
    #34 Chan Yeop Kim Chan Yeop Kim (@blackarrow) N/A South Korea N/A
    #35 Chang Qi Chang Qi (@Bao) N/A China N/A
    #36 Chao Yang Chao Yang (@Pomii) N/A China N/A
    #37 Chen Lei Chen Lei (@iceMan) N/A China N/A
    #38 Chen Lu Chen Lu (@YaYa) N/A China N/A
    #39 Chen Qiang Chen Qiang (@uncleG) N/A China N/A
    #40 Chen Ting-Rui Chen Ting-Rui (@Lulumi) N/A Taiwan N/A
    #41 Chris Oniciu Chris Oniciu (@Bahamut) 30 United States December 16, 1990 N/A
    #42 Christopher Buechter Christopher Buechter (@Zuna) 30 United States December 25, 1990 N/A

    Biography Timeline


    In 1993, music manager Louis Walsh, who had managed Johnny Logan, held auditions in Dublin to find a new boyband to rival British group Take That. Lynch was among the hopefuls present, and was eventually selected. Before even recording any material, he and five other successful auditionees made their infamous appearance on RTÉ's The Late Late Show with Gay Byrne. Although their performance was criticised by the Irish press, the band became one of the most successful pop bands in Ireland.


    On 8 March 1998, Lynch married Easther Bennett, lead singer of Eternal, but they separated in July 2000. Lynch and singer Sheena White were married in Ireland on 22 August 2007, and on 25 October 2008, White gave birth to their daughter Billie Rae. Shane and Sheena celebrated the birth of their second child in September 2012, another daughter whom they named Marley Mae.


    Lynch quickly became the most distinctive member due to his body piercings, tattoos and violent outbursts which contrasted with the band's clean-cut image. In 1999, he attended the MTV Europe Music Awards with the band, wearing a tracksuit which clashed with his colleagues suits, and shocked the audience by announcing, "There's been a load of fucking shite about Boyzone, but we are not breaking up." (While Boyzone never officially disbanded, they failed to release a single after 1999, until they re-formed in 2007). Later that night, he was involved in a physical brawl with American rapper Puff Daddy. Two years later, at a live concert for Childline, Lynch turned to the camera and yelled: "Tabloid newspapers, you can kiss me fucking arse!"


    In 2000, Lynch teamed up with bandmate Keith Duffy and released a novelty version of the Milli Vanilli song, "Girl You Know It's True", as Keith 'N' Shane. They re-wrote the verses in which the original was critical of today's music, but the chorus was kept the same.


    Lynch, who had been involved with clairvoyants and ouija boards and claimed to have been frequently visited by evil spirits who tortured his mind in his teenage years, became a Christian in 2003; he was persuaded to convert by close friend Ben Ofoedu, who was his colleague in the band REDhill which Lynch joined after Boyzone.


    Lynch has become an actor in recent years. In 2004, during his break from Boyzone, he played Eli Knox the chairman of Harchester United in the Sky One football drama, Dream Team. He has also appeared in pantomime, and starred in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Wycombe Swan in High Wycombe, during the 2004 and 2005 Christmas seasons. In 2006, he starred in Cinderella at the Tameside Hippodrome as Prince Charming alongside Sue Jenkins as the evil stepmother Baroness. In 2012 he starred as Abanazar at The Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks and in 2015 Captain Hook in Peter Pan there. In 2016 he starred as Abanazer in the Blue Genie production of Aladdin at The Whitley Bay Playhouse.


    A keen motor racing enthusiast, Lynch raced a Marcos, TVR and then Mosler from 2002 to 2006 for the Eclipse Motorsport team in the British GT Championship, and came within a few laps of winning the 2003 British GT Championship at the last race of the season at Brands Hatch when he crashed into a spinning backmarker he was lapping. In 2005 he was involved with the 'Christians in Motorsport' team and competed in the British GT Championship Silverstone round. Lynch addressed a crowd of race fans at the team marquee about how his faith helps him in racing and in life generally.

    In early 2005, Lynch released the song "Don't Go" which was originally a 1988 hit for the band Hothouse Flowers. The same year, he was announced as one of the judges on RTÉ's The All Ireland Talent Show, a reality contest which is modelled on Britain's Got Talent. In 2010, he announced his decision to quit.


    In 2007, Boyzone reunited, completed a 29-date reunion tour, and released their comeback single on 29 September 2008, Love You Anyway, which was followed by a Greatest Hits album entitled Back Again... No Matter What released on 13 October 2008.

    Lynch has taken part in several reality television series. He was in the second series of the Channel 4 reality television show, The Games 2004, and received a gold medal. Lynch was also in the second series of ITVs Love Island, but left after the fifth week. In 2007, he competed in the second series of Sky One's Cirque De Celebrite. In January 2018 Shane was a housemate in series 21 of Celebrity Big Brother and finished in third place.


    Lynch is now involved in drifting, competing in the British Drift Championship for performance parts manufacturer & race team Team Japspeed. In 2008 he was involved in an accident with team-mate Danny Eyles while competing in the European Drift Championship round at Silverstone and, although he was not injured, both Nissan Skyline cars were written off.

    In 2008, Lynch published his autobiography The Chancer, which focused on his early years, pop reign, his marriage to Easther Bennett, and newly found Christianity. In May 2011, Lynch became involved with the launch of a new energy vodka called "Ver2Vodka".


    In January 2013, Lynch fronted an informative channel 5 programme in the UK about dyslexia. During this, he undertook his own dyslexia assessment. He was confirmed to have the learning disability.

    On 7 June 2013, Lynch featured on a celebrity special edition of The Jeremy Kyle Show to talk about his life after being in boyband Boyzone.

    In August 2013, he came fifth participating in Celebrity Masterchef.


    In April 2014, Lynch forged a business partnership with Northern Ireland businessmen Dwaine Smyth and Michael Dowall and opened a chain of 1920s prohibition inspired barbershops, known as The Elk & Clipper. There are currently 3 outlets in Northern Ireland with further expansion plans in the future.


    For the 2016 season of the British Drift Championship, Lynch and Team Japspeed debuted a brand new VH45 V8 powered Nissan 370Z, achieving a second-place finish on debut at Lydden Hill.

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