Top 20 Actor celebrities in Argentina

Here is the latest list of Argentina's top 20 Actor celebrities [Updated April 18, 2021].

1. Martin von Haselberg

Martin von Haselberg net worth 2020
Martin von Haselberg was born on January 20, 1949 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Martin von Haselberg made an appearance in Weird Al Yankovic's 1989 film UHF.

Net Worth 2020: $250 Million

2. Mirtha Legrand

Mirtha Legrand net worth 2020
Mirtha Legrand was born on February 23, 1927 in Argentina.
Mirtha Legrand has also acted in numerous films, including The Doctress Wants Tangos, El retrato, and Chaste Susan.

Net Worth 2020: $75 Million

3. Christian Bach

Christian Bach net worth 2020
Christian Bach was born on May 9, 1959 in Argentina.
Christian Bach produced more than 20 television series between 1986 and 2002.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

4. Sebastian Rulli

Sebastian Rulli net worth 2020
Sebastian Rulli was born on July 6, 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sebastian Rulli has also had starring daytime TV roles in Teresa and Mundo de fieras.

Net Worth 2020: $20 Million

5. Luciana Pedraza

Luciana Pedraza net worth 2020
Luciana Pedraza was born on January 5, 1972 in  Salta, Argentina, Argentina.

Net Worth 2020: $10 Million

6. Martina Stoessel

Martina Stoessel net worth 2020
Martina Stoessel was born on March 21, 1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Argentinian singer and actress also known as Martina Stoessel who rose to fame playing the title role in the Disney Latino series Violetta. As a recording artist, Martina Stoessel released her debut self-titled album in 2016 and in 2018 she followed it up with Quiero Volver which included the hit songs "Princesa" featuring  Karol G and "Consejo de Amor" featuring Morat. 

Martina Stoessel voiced the character Carrie Williams for the Italian release of the 2013 film  Monsters University. She was featured in the Latin version of the movie  Frozen's soundtrack, in which she performed the massive hit song "Let It Go" in Spanish, titled "Libre Soy." 

Net Worth 2020: $9 Million

7. Linda Cristal

Linda Cristal net worth 2020
Linda Cristal was born on February 23, 1931 in  Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina.

Net Worth 2020: $9 Million

8. Olivia Hussey

Olivia Hussey net worth 2020
Olivia Hussey was born on April 17, 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Best known for playing Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film, Romeo and Juliet. Olivia Hussey later starred in several horror films including Virus and Death on The Nile.

Hussey has identified as suffering from agoraphobia.

Net Worth 2020: $8 Million

9. Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato net worth 2020
Luisana Lopilato was born on May 18, 1987 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
After her first significant role, in the 2001 Argentine drama Un amor en Moises Ville, and still just 12 years of age, Luisana Lopilato was hired for Chiquititas.

Net Worth 2020: $7 Million

10. Berenice Bejo

Berenice Bejo net worth 2020
Berenice Bejo was born on July 7, 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Berenice Bejo was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Peppy Miller in The Artist.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

11. Fabiana Udenio

Fabiana Udenio net worth 2020
Fabiana Udenio was born on December 21, 1964 in  Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

12. Fernando Lamas

Fernando Lamas net worth 2020
Fernando Lamas was born on January 9, 1915 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
After his run with MGM, Fernando Lamas appeared on TV as Ramon De Vega on Run For Your Life, and went behind the camera to direct episodes of Alias Smith and Jones, and Falcon Crest.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

13. Brenda Asnicar

Brenda Asnicar net worth 2020
Brenda Asnicar was born on October 17, 1991 in San Isidro, Argentina.
Brenda Asnicar has toured Europe and South America with the cast of Patito Feo.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

14. Diego Soldano

Diego Soldano net worth 2020
Diego Soldano was born on January 18, 1969 in Argentina.
Diego Soldano loves to play squash and he’s an abstract painter.

Net Worth 2020: $5 Million

15. Rodrigo De la Serna

Rodrigo De la Serna net worth 2020
Rodrigo De la Serna was born on April 18, 1976 in  Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina, Argentina.

Net Worth 2020: $4 Million

16. Julian Gil

Julian Gil net worth 2020
Julian Gil was born on June 13, 1970 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Julian Gil was nominated for a 2011 Premios Juventud for his role in the telenovela Eva Luna.

Net Worth 2020: $4 Million

17. Maria Clara Alonso

Maria Clara Alonso net worth 2020
Maria Clara Alonso was born on February 2, 1990 in Rosario, Argentina.
Maria Clara Alonso appeared in a 2012 episode of the Disney Latin America series Peter Punk.

Net Worth 2020: $2 Million

18. Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz net worth 2020
Stephanie Beatriz was born on February 10, 1981 in Argentina.
Stephanie Beatriz has been a guest star on notable series such as  The CloserModern Family, Southland, Jessie and  Hello Ladies. She also provided her voice in the 2016 film  Ice Age: Collision Course.

Net Worth 2020: $2 Million

19. Juan Chioran

Juan Chioran net worth 2020
Juan Chioran was born on June 18, 1963 in Argentina.

Net Worth 2020: $1 Million

20. Dolores Fonzi

Dolores Fonzi net worth 2020
Dolores Fonzi was born on July 19, 1978 in  Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina, Argentina.