Top 20 Soccer Player celebrities in Czech Republic

Here is the latest list of Czech Republic's top 20 Soccer Player celebrities [Updated April 18, 2021].

1. Petr Cech

Petr Cech net worth 2020
Petr Cech was born on May 20, 1982 in Pilsen, Czech Republic.
Petr Cech played for Rennes in the French league from 2002 to 2004 and was named Best Goalkeeper in the French League in 2004.

Net Worth 2020: $36 Million

Salary 2020: $8 Million

2. Rudolf Skacel

Rudolf Skacel net worth 2020
Rudolf Skacel was born on July 17, 1979 in Czech Republic.
Rudolf Skacel won gold as a member of the Czech Republic Under-21 squad at the European Under-21 Football Championship.

3. Tomas Rosicky

Tomas Rosicky net worth 2020
Tomas Rosicky was born on October 4, 1980 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Tomas Rosicky debuted professionally in 1998 with Sparta Prague.

Salary 2020: 4.16 million GBP (2012)

4. Tomas Sivok

Tomas Sivok net worth 2020
Tomas Sivok was born on September 15, 1983 in Czech Republic.
Tomas Sivok has earned the nickname "Golden Head" due to his ability to score headers on a frequent basis.

Salary 2020: 1.2 million EUR (2012)

5. Jan Berger

Jan Berger net worth 2020
Jan Berger was born on November 27, 1955 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Jan Berger went on to manage teams after his playing career was over.

6. Pavel Nedved

Pavel Nedved net worth 2020
Pavel Nedved was born on August 30, 1972 in Cheb, Czech Republic.
Pavel Nedved was just the second Czech player to receive the Ballon d'Or as the European Footballer of the Year.

7. Jozef Chovanec

Jozef Chovanec net worth 2020
Jozef Chovanec was born on March 7, 1960 in Czech Republic.
From 1988-1991, Jozef Chovanec played for PSV Eindhoven.

8. Tomas Kalas

Tomas Kalas net worth 2020
Tomas Kalas was born on May 15, 1993 in Olomouc, Czech Republic.
Tomas Kalas was sent on loan to Vitesse from 2011 to 2013 and to 1. FC Koln in 2014.

9. Tomas Skuhravy

Tomas Skuhravy net worth 2020
Tomas Skuhravy was born on September 7, 1965 in Czech Republic.
Tomas Skuhravy scored 14 goals while playing for Team Czechoslovakia.

10. Michal Breznanik

Michal Breznanik net worth 2020
Michal Breznanik was born on December 16, 1985 in Czech Republic.
Michal Breznanik won his first Slovak Super Liga championship in 2009.

11. Loukas Vyntra

Loukas Vyntra net worth 2020
Loukas Vyntra was born on February 5, 1981 in Czech Republic.
Loukas Vyntra signed with Levante in 2013.

12. Tomas Necid

Tomas Necid net worth 2020
Tomas Necid was born on August 13, 1989 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Tomas Necid made his international debut for Czech Republic in 2008.

13. Filip Novak

Filip Novak net worth 2020
Filip Novak was born on June 26, 1990 in Czech Republic.
Filip Novak made his debut for the Czech Republic national team in 2015. Filip Novak played for FC Midtjylland in the Danish Superliga between 2015-2018.  

14. Patrik Schick

Patrik Schick net worth 2020
Patrik Schick was born on January 24, 1996 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Patrik Schick is known for having scored the winning goal against China PR at the 2018 China Cup in March of 2018 as part of the Czech Republic team. 

15. Theodor Gebre Selassie

Theodor Gebre Selassie net worth 2020
Theodor Gebre Selassie was born on December 24, 1986 in Czech Republic.
Theodor Gebre Selassie signed with Werder Bremen in 2012 for four years, after spending 2008 until 2012 with Slovan Liberec.

16. Tomáš Vaclík

Tomáš Vaclík net worth 2020
Tomáš Vaclík was born on March 29, 1989 in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
He was named to the team of the tournament at the 2011 UEFA European U-21 Football Championships as the goalie for the U-21 Czech side. Tomáš Vaclík later earned his first cap for the Czech senior national team in 2012. 

17. Jan Koller

Jan Koller net worth 2020
Jan Koller was born on March 30, 1973 in Czech Republic.
Jan Koller played on the Czech national team in three Euro Cups and in the 2006 World Cup.

18. Vladimir Smicer

Vladimir Smicer net worth 2020
Vladimir Smicer was born on May 24, 1973 in Czech Republic.
Vladimir Smicer played for Czechoslovakia's national team in 1993 before the country dissolved, and then he played for the Czech Republic's team from 1994-2005.

19. Patrik Berger

Patrik Berger net worth 2020
Patrik Berger was born on November 10, 1973 in Czech Republic.
Patrik Berger scored 18 goals in 42 appearances for Czech Republic's national team from 1994-2001.

20. Jiri Jarosik

Jiri Jarosik net worth 2020
Jiri Jarosik was born on October 27, 1977 in Czech Republic.
Jiri Jarosik played for Chelsea in 2005-2006.